The Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) program …

… is a standardized course offering certification that is recognized throughout Canada and United States. The program is led by an industry initiative to address the need for increased accountability and improved handling practices in livestock transport. Increasing numbers of processing facilities across North America are demanding proof of competence/certification in livestock and poultry hauling, and the CLT program addresses this demand...

CLT training is not limited to drivers. Training is beneficial, and in some instances required, for livestock and poultry handlers, dispatchers and others that are involved in the production system. Facility managers and key decision makers, while they may not spend time working directly with animals, also benefit from the knowledge gained from taking this course.

One of the main strengths of Canadian Livestock Transport is that the courses present the current regulations for animal transport in Canada.


You can now check a driver’s CLT status on the web. CLT Verified is a tool for drivers and processing facilities to confirm certification of drivers trained under the CLT program.

To verify driver certification status visit: