About Us

The Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) program is a standardized course offering certification that is recognized throughout Canada and United States. The program is led by an industry initiative to address the need for increased accountability and improved handling practices in livestock transport.

The Certified Livestock Transport program was originally developed on behalf of the Alberta livestock industry, through the Alberta Farm Animal Care Association in 2007. All segments of the Canadian livestock and poultry sectors (including producers, transporters, processors, provincial and federal regulatory advisors, researchers and other industry professionals) contributed to its development.

In 2013, an updated and rebranded (Canadian Livestock Transport) version was launched after several years of consultation with all stakeholders.

Modules available for all major species transported in Canada (Cattle & Sheep, Swine, Poultry and Horses).

Key knowledge areas include: animal welfare, health, behaviour, laws and regulations, vehicle and handling techniques and emergency response.

The benefits of training and certification include:
• Improved knowledge
• Increased professionalism
• Improved safety
• Reduced livestock stress and injury during transport
• Decreased economic loss
• Increased public trust.