There are currently two livestock certification programs offered through CLT:

  • Livestock (cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, elk and bison), and
  • Poultry

Each module encompasses all aspects of transportation including pre-loading, loading, time in transit and arrival at the destination.

Topics include animal welfare, regulations, handling and behaviour, environmental considerations, equipment and emergency response. Each module has been developed based on the specific needs of each of the individual species groups.

The training is not just for haulers, but developed with producers, handlers (at farms, auction markets, order buyers, feedlots), plant crews, loading crews, enforcement and management all in mind as they are integral parts of the transportation process.

Once CLT certified, individuals will be kept up to date with the latest research, regulatory changes, disease information and breaking news related to livestock transport.

Educational opportunities will be offered on an on-going basis including conferences, webinars and newsletters.

  • The benefits of training and certification include:
  • Improved knowledge
  • Increased professionalism
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced livestock stress and injury during transport
  • Decreased economic loss
  • Increased public trust

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